GRAphics and INtelligent Systems research group

Claudio Demartini (full professor, Leader)

Paolo Montuschi (full professor)

Fabrizio Lamberti (associate professor)

Bartolomeo Montrucchio (associate professor)

Andrea Sanna (associate professor)

Valentina Gatteschi (assistant professor)

Davide Calandra (research assistant)

Federico Manuri (research assistant)

Lia Morra (research assistant)

Davide Zappia (research assistant)

Federica Bazzano (PhD student)

Alberto Cannavò (PhD student)

Francesco De Pace (PhD student)

Mohammad Ghazi Vakili (PhD student)

Filippo Gabriele Pratticò (PhD student)

Please visit the GRAINS web site for latest news about projects, publications, teaching and collaboration opportunities (e.g., theses proposals).

Click here or on the logo to be redirected to the GRAINS web site.

Research topics addressed by the GRAINS group are, among all:

- computer graphics 

- embedded systems 

- semantics 

- digital arithmetic 

- computer architectures 

- pervasive technology 

- parallel and distributed computing 

- augmented and virtual reality 

In particular, activities are carried out in the following areas: 

- 3D rendering on mobile devices

- visualization and processing of multidimensional data 

- human-machine interfaces with multimodal applications and remote control

- mobile computing systems 

- ubiquitous computing 

- mobile ad hoc networks 

- systems for monitoring and control based on RFID technology 

- knowledge sharing on web and Semantic Web 

- tools for representing knowledge 

- natural language processing

- algorithms and architectures for computer arithmetic

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