Linux : supporting free software is supporting freedom. Here you may find the seminal call for participation in writing a kernel for Linux posted by Linus Torvalds in 1991. That was the beginning of a long wonderful story.....

Cinema : il mio sito di cinema preferito e' FilmTv

Life : Randy Pausch Last Lecture

Urban life : a movie from Gehl Architects illustrates how cities should be designed in a people-focused approach. The italian paradox is that our towns have been built in such a perspective, but we have forgotten how to live in them.

Enzo Jannacci : le mie canzoni preferite El me indiriss, Quella cosa in Lombardia, Vivere.

Pablo Neruda No te Amo
Kostantinos Kavafis Itaca
Eugenio Montale I limoni
Giorgio Caproni Allegria
Orazio Ode I,9
Orazio Ode I,11