Semantics: Learning

  • Valentina, Gatteschi; Claudio, Demartini; Fabrizio, Lamberti

  • Encyclopedia of Computer Science & Technology / Phillip A. Laplante


  • 2017


Learning semantics, which is intended as a way to provide digital learning resources with a meaning and make them processable by machines by mimicking human reasoning, is changing the way teaching and learning processes are being carried out. Through semantic processing, a machine could act as a personal assistant at the service of learners, trainers and other actors involved in the education context, and could help them to address knowledge-intensive problems, encompassing the creation, management and personalization of learning paths, the identification of suitable learning resources, the automatic grading of assignments and exams, etc. This paper aims to draft an overall picture of learning semantics, by illustrating enabling technologies, providing hints on how a semantic system for learning could be realized, presenting relevant application scenarios, showing expected benefits, discussing challenges and threats and outlining possible solutions.