New frontiers of delivery services using drones: a prototype system exploiting a quadcopter for autonomous drug shipments

  • Valentina Gatteschi; Alberto, Lisanti; Giorgio, Venezia; Fabrizio, Lamberti; Gianluca, Paravati; Andrea, Sanna; Claudio, Demartini

  • Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), 2015 IEEE 39th Annual


  • 24 September 2015


Drone-based delivery of goods could become a reality in the near future, as witnessed by the increasing successful experiences in both research and commercial fields. In this paper, a prototype system exploiting a do it yourself quad copter drone for delivering products is proposed. On the one hand, the hardware choices made in order to limit risks arising from autonomous delivery are presented. On the other hand, a framework for orders placement and shipment is shown. The advantages of a system like the one described in this paper are mainly related to an increased delivery speed, especially in urban contexts with traffic, to the possibility to make deliveries in areas usually difficult to be reached, and to the drone's ability to autonomously carry out consignments. A practical use case, in which the proposed system is used for delivering drugs (an application in which the need to quickly receive the good might be particularly important) is shown. Nevertheless, the proposed prototype could be employed in other contexts, such as take-away deliveries, product shipments, registered mail consignments, etc.