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I graduated with a master's degree in Foreign languages and literature at the University of Turin, with a dissertation in English language and literature about translating the works of Welsh contemporary writer Kate Roberts (1891-1985) and I graduated with a second master's degree in Library and information science at the University of Venice Ca' Foscari with a dissertation on management of digital resources in libraries.

After some temporary jobs, I started working as an assistant librarian at Politecnico di Torino in 1997, at the Central Library of Architecture, with duties of cataloguing, reference and information literacy, mainly for digital resources, and service at library desk.

In 2002, I got a position as a librarian and moved to the University of Venice Ca' Foscari, where I began my new job at the Classical Studies Library of the Department of Ancient Civilisations: Literature, History and Archaelogy. In 2003, I started working in Digital library services and I was formally designated by the Director of Library Services as the representative for Ca' Foscari University in the Management and Technical Board of Consortium CIPE, a consortium of universities for the acquisition of digital resources and negotiation with publishers. I later became Head of digital resources acquisition and management services of the university.

In 2014, I moved back to Politecnico di Torino where I currently work as a research support librarian at Programming, Development, Quality and Life Area, and I am in charge of supporting the use of CRIS (Current Research Information System) IRIS and research evaluation procedures.

I am the author of many publications in books, conference proceedings and international journals that you can find listed in my ORCID profile or institutional repository also linked below. Among my works, the most recently published book is Le raccolte bibliotecarie digitali nella societÓ dei dati (Editrice Bibliografica, 2020), about library digital collections in data society.

I've been teaching in many academic seminars and professional courses. I'm a member of the scientific committe of the journal Biblioteche oggi Trends and the editorial board of the journals Biblioteche oggi and Against the Grain.

I'm an active associate of the Italian Library Association (AIB) and member of AIB Observatory on libraries and sustainable development (2020-2023) and AIB Observatory on library work and the profession (2020-2023).

My research interests focus on research assessment, digital scholarship, library collection development, digital libraries and library automation, as well as sustainable development in libraries.

Beside my scientific research interests in library and information science, for a long time I have been exploring the field of "literary librarianship". I run a culumn in the journal "Biblioteche oggi" and I published the book La biblioteca narrata (Editrice Bibliografica, 2020) about the image and role of libraries and librarians in literature and cinema.

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