Roberto Marazzato

Hello everybody. I'm Roberto Marazzato, adjunct professor at Politecnico di Torino. This page contains teaching materials of my courses, my CV, links to sites of interest, papers and books I published. Hope it turns to be helpful. My complete address:
Roberto Marazzato
Politecnico di Torino - DISMA (visiting staff)
Mobile / WA +39.348.4445737
Here you can download a copy of my CV in PDF format:
Using Clustering and Controlled Regression to Analyze the Orientation of Rod-Like Objects
The GIMP Retinex Filter Applied to the Fabric Fault Detection
Retinex Filtering for Fabric Fault Detection
The GIMP Retinex Filter Used for Detecting Mispicks in Fabrics
Evaluation of GIMP Retinex Filtering of Images by Means of the Shen++ Max Shannon Entropy Finder
Effects of GIMP Retinex Filtering Evaluated by the Image Entropy
Recurrence Plots of Geolocated Time Series from Satellite Maps of NOAA STAR Vegetation Health Index
Retinex filtering of foggy images: generation of a bulk set with selection and ranking
Extracting Networks of Characters and Places from Written Works with CHAPLIN
Graph Visualization Software for Networks of Characters in Plays
Experiments on Radioactivity in a Student Laboratory
A tour about Isaac Newton's life
Georeferenced lives
Musei Reali, Immagini Virtuali
Using Geographic Information Systems to Increment the Knowledge of Cultural Landscapes
Gli Strumenti OCW Unidirezionali: un nuovo supporto alla Didattica
Esperimenti sulla Radioattivitą in un Laboratorio Virtuale
Fractional Differential Processing for Medical Imaging Observing stellar bow shocks
Tuning CLD Maps
CLD-shaped Brushstrokes in Non-Photorealistic Rendering
Non-photorealistic image processing: an Impressionist rendering
Astronomical image processing based on fractional calculus: the AstroFracTool
Mapping images with the Coherence Length Diagram
An image processing analysis of skin textures
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