High strain-rate behavior of materials: experimental tests and numerical modelling
This is, probably, the main core of my activities. Since 1999, during my thesis, I have investigated the behavior of materials subjected to high strain-rate by means of experimental technique and numerical modelling. I have developed many experimental devices to produce medium, high and hypervelocity impacts for the study of material strength models, failure models and recently equation of state. The experimental activities have been supported by numerical modelling of the same phenomena by means of finite elements analysis and the development of numerical technique for the data analysis.

Shockwaves induced on materials by high energy particle beams
In 2003 I have started a cooperation with the Engineering Department of CERN: together in the last years we have developed some new competencies in the field of shockwaves generated in LHC components in case of accidental interactions with particle beams. We use numerical analysis with hydrocodes to simulate such events and we are developing some experiments with the HiRadMat facility to investigate the behaviour of standard and novel materials in such loading conditions.

Numerical modelling of structures subjected to ballistic impacts and blast loading
An important field of interest is the analysis with finite element codes of events with high loading rate as ballistic impacts and blast loading: in over ten years of experience I have modeled impacts between projectile and structures and the effects of explosions on structures and people. This activities go hand in hand with the activities of materials characterization and modelling.

Mechanical behavior of novel and advanced materials
Thanks to a network of collaborations with important Research Centre in Europe, I have studied the mechanical response of new classes of materials like metal-foams or metal-diamonds and other metal matrix composite for automotive, aerospace and nuclear applications. New class of materials requires new methods and testing equipments to investigate the mechanical behavior in different loading conditions (uniaxial and multiaxial), at different strain-rates and different temperatures.

Structural adhesives
For many years I have studied the application of structural adhesives to mechanical structures in cooperation with Henkel Loctite. In particular, I focused my attention in the investigation of novel joining systems for automotive car-body even for high speed applications (impact attenuators). Recently, the experience acquired in the characterization and modeling of epoxy adhesives led to the design and construction of a motorcycle chassis completely bonded (Motostudent).