In 1999 I started to simulate non-linear dynamic problems with the code DYNA-3D. Today, after an experience of more than ten years, LS-DYNA is my main simulation tool in static and dynamic conditions.
There are numerous applications and scenarios reproduced:

- plastic collapse of thin-walled beam structures under impact loading
- non linear mechanical behavior of materials
- vehicle crashworthiness
- joining systems (spot-welding, laser welding, bonding)
- thermo-mechical modelling of high strain-rate events and experimental tests (SHPB, Flyer plate, DTE)
- cellular solids modelling (macro and micro models of polymeric and metallic foams)
- explosions and Fluid Structures Interactions (FSI)
- ballistic impacts and protection system investigations
- high energy particle beam interaction with matter
- thermo-mechanical problems in engines
- modal
and frequency domain analysis
- optimization problems and parameters identification with LS-OPT