Professor in Structural Mechanics
Coordinator of the PhD Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering



Department of Structural, Building and Geotechnical Engineering

Politecnico di Torino

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Computational Mechanics
My main area of scientific interest is focused on finite elements and their application to discontinuities, as well as on the development of new computational models and algorithms. I have been part of Ted Belytschko's group at Northwestern University, where I contributed to the development eXtended Finite Element Method (XFEM). In this framework I introduced the Equivalent Polynomials Quadrature, that allows for a dramatic simplification in the implementation of computational softwares.

Railway Track Sand Mitigation
I have been scientific chief for the sand mitigation studies and design in the construction of Etihad Rail Stage 1 Project. Now I am involved in several Etihad Rail Stage 2 Projects for new railway lines (Packages A and D) and facilities (Packages F1 and F2). This exciting study involves site reconnaissance, satellite data processing, fluid dynamics simulations, full scale trial field testing, interpretation of the experimental data and design of the mitigations.

The developed sand mitigations during Stage 1 are now the required standard by Etihad Rail. This experience extends in similar projects in Oman and Saudi Arabia.
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Active Monitoring
In the field of Structural monitoring I have introduced the new "active monitoring" paradigm, where the sensor data are processed in real time to get an immediate picture of the correct working behavior of the structure by analyzing the mathematical correlation between acquired data. Anomalies are notified automatically. Systems have been installed on a 250m steel bridge, a railway viaduct, a seismically isolated building and are currently being designed for several others bridges and viaducts. Other noticeable application is the dynamic data processing of the new Polcevera bridge in Genova.
In this field, I am actually appointed expert by the Italian Government for the development of guidelines for monitoring, evaluation and risk classification of existing infrastructures and vice-president in the Italian Technical Committee 4.2 – Bridges of PIARC - World Road Association.


The above studies are actively carried out with the cooperation of an active team of colleagues, PhD students and staff from private companies.