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µGP (MicroGP)

A versatile evolutionary optimizer able to outperform both human experts and conventional heuristics in finding the optimal solution of hard problems.
Theses available: Alberto and I are always looking for students.


Measuring and Promoting Diversity in Evolutionary Algorithms

While divergence of character is a cornerstone of the Darwinian theory of natural evolution, the lack of divergence is an oppressive burden of artificial evolution.

The problem has been sometimes labeled with the oxymoron premature convergence, implying that the algorithms would converge to better solutions if prevented from exploiting strongly attractive local optima. Different names have been given by different researchers, and different effects have been observed on different paradigms. Almost all deleterious.

 Tutorial at PPSN 2016.
 MPDEA Workshop at GECCO 2016.
 MPDEA Workshop at GECCO 2017.

Language resources

English for non-native speakers

 Ludwig: a smart translator and linguistic search engine.

 The Elements of Style: a prescriptive American-English writing style guide (the 1918 edition is in the public domain and freely available over the Internet).