Bartolomeo Montrucchio - Bibliographic Search

Scientific items:
* US Patent & Trademark Office.
* Europe's network of patent databases (available in facsimile form).
* The Library of Congress 110 million titles; also via Telnet and via Http/Z39.50.
* Melvyl also via Telnet.
* SPIE Proceedings Abstracts Search 90,000 SPIE papers and abstracts also via Telnet.
* Computer in Physics.
* Search and order Physics journals.
* For Physics, Math and Non Linear Systems e-Print archive Sissa.
* For Liquid Crystals journals.
* ACM SIGGRAPH Online Bibliography Database; over 15,000 references (BibTeX).
* The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies; 830,000 references.
* ACM Digital Library.
* ACM TOG Literature On-line with ACM Transactions on Graphics (by volume) , Computational Geometry, Ray Tracing, Radiosity, Color Quantization et similia.
* Computer Science Bibliography for these conferences and journals.
* Library of Politecnico di Torino also via Telnet.
* Publications catalogue of Politecnico di Torino (1993-1997).
* Helwig's conference calendar.
* The National Library of Medicine with Free MedLine to search for 9 million references (with abstracts) in 3800 biomedical journals.
* Dematel with MedLine (from National Library of Medicine -USA-) to search for 9 million references (with abstracts) in 3800 biomedical journals.
* Visible Human Dataset Milano Mirror Site (mirror for Europe of The Visible Human Project).
* Medical World Search.
* NHS Direct. Health information.
* Catalogo Unico delle Biblioteche Astronomiche Italiane.
* Astrophysics Data System for abstracts and articles. The european mirror is here.
* American Astronomical Society and Urania (Universal Reasearch Archive of Networked Information In Astronomy).
* How to find pre-print;Los Alamos Laboratory and Sissa.
* IAU International Astronomical Union and recent IAUCs; all IAUCs.
* The National Agricultural Library.
* Amazon; 3 million titles.
* Gorilla Bookstore; for Italy only.
* Internet Bookshop Italia.
* Computer Magazine Archive. Search in 200,000 papers in 200 commercial magazines.
Dictionaries and encyclopedias:
* Eight encyclopedias (the main is on Math) by Eric W. Weisstein.
* Merriam Webster Dictionary.
* OneLook Dictionaries; about 2,000,000 words.
* Logos Dictionary; about 8,000,000 words for lots of different languages.
* Acronym Finder; 61,000 acronyms.
* The PC Technology Guide.
* Webopedia.

Italy only:
* Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi. Brevetti italiani, europei ed internazionali.
* INSPEC, SPIN, IEE/IEEE Online and other services for Politecnico di Torino only.
* SBN Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale, 3 million titles.
* Local resources; search in Beni Culturali, Regione Piemonte and Cib (Bologna).
* Italian OPACs (Online Public Access Catalog).
* ACNP (Archivio Collettivo Nazionale delle Pubblicazioni Periodiche), also with this link; 90,000 periodicals.
* Italian libraries, from Politecnico di Torino and from Alice.
Bartolomeo Montrucchio

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