Politecnico di Torino

Alberto De Marco acts both as project leader and participant in projects pertaining to the following areas of management research, with focus in industrial budil:

Main interests are in project cost and schedule monitoring, project risk management, public-private partnership, capital structures and risk analysis in project finance.

Project Management and Project Financing

Research interests

Business models and Project Finance/PPP financial instruments for developing Smart City projects. Projects in the area of urban mobility and transportation, city logistics, traffic management, security and integrated smart city operations.

In addition, policy making in the areas of city logistics, intelligent transportation systems, smart mobility of people, public transportation, and electromobility. systems.


Smart City Finance&Technology Program

Studies with focus on contract management for operations&maintenance of industrial facilities. Exploratory studies of warehouse buildings. Performance analyses of constructed industrial facilities. Modeling and simulation for warehouse management of distribution centers and storage areas. Statistic analysis of warehouse maintenance costs. Supply chain management and outsourcing strategic studies.

Transportation and Logistics