Riccardo Zecchina


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Professor, Theoretical Physics

Department of Applied Science and Technology

Politecnico di Torino


Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, 10129 Torino (Italy)

tel: +39 011 090 7323

fax: +39 011 0907399


Our research group in Turin:  "Inference and Optimization" group  at Polito and HuGeF

Fabrizio Altarelli

Carlo Baldassi

Carla Bosia

Alfredo Braunstein

Andrea Pagnani

Alessandro Pelizzola

Abolfazl Ramezanpour

Marco Zamparo

PhD: Indaco Biazzo, Alessandro Ingrosso


Microsoft Research New England (C. Borgs, J. Chayes)

Bio-Engineering Dept. MIT (E. Fraenkel)

ICTP (M. Masili)

SISSA (D. Zoccolan, C. Micheletti)

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- Coordinator of the International Master's Course on Physics of Complex Systems

- Head of Unit at the Human Genetics Foundation

  1. -Fellow of the research foundation Collegio Carlo Alberto

  2. -1997-2007 I was at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics ; currently I’m staff  associate

Current Grants : ERC Advanced investigator grant OPTINF (2010-15); Marie Curie training network: NETADIS (2012-15); STAMINA (2011-14)


The Spread Optimization problem,  F. Altarelli,  A. Braunstein, L. Dall’Asta RZ, 2012

Prediction of interaction partners from MSA,  research collaboration, 2012

Simultaneous reconstruction of multiple signaling pathways ... N. Tuncbag, A. Braunstein, A. Pagnani, S.-S.C. Huang, J. J. Chayes, C. Borgs, RZ, E. Fraenkel, 2012

From luminance to semantics: how images of natural objects are represented by neuronal populations in monkey inferotemporal cortex, M. Pagan, A. Alemi-Neissi, C. Baldassi, RZ, JJ DiCarlo, D. Zoccolan 2012

PhD position :  statistical physics and computational biology, 3 year position available , check also here.

Post-Doc positions:   we have few positions available connected to two research groups, at the Human Genetics Foundation and at the Politecnico Unversity. In case you are interested please  get in touch with alberto dot anfossi  at polito  dot it

Current research activity:

statistical physics of inverse problems (dynamics and statics), computational biology, computational neuroscience, stochastic optimization and statistical inference, disordered systems.

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about sustainable development, David MacKay book and articles.

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