Marcello Delitala

Awards & acknowledgments

Keynote speaker: Workshop on mathematical models of tumor-immune system dynamics, Sydney, January 7-10, 2013. See the WEB page of the Workshop

Kepler Prize 2010-2011 of the European Academy of Sciences for the project: "Managing complexity, reducing perplexity: a workshop on Complex Living Systems" involving: G. Ajmone (OCSE, Paris) for the Social Sciences and A. Picco EMBL Heidelberg (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) for biological sciences. The prize has been granted for a project for the organization of an interdisciplinary international workshop on biological issues which has taken place in in Heidelberg, May, 16-20, 2011. See the WEB page of the Workshop and the Flyer of the Workshop.

Invited Mathematician, Interdisciplinary Workshop on Pattern Formation in Morphogenesis, IHES - Paris, January 11-14, 2010. See the Flyer of the Workshop co-organized by the Abel Prize M. Gromov.

Principal investigator of the FIRB (Italian Ministry of Research and University) - IDEAS project related to the ERC starting grant, 2009-2013.

ERC Starting Grant 2007: Proposal classified as potentially fundable (Less than 5% of the original 9167 proposals has been recommended for funding).See the official letter.

Plenary Lecturer: Biomat. Mathematics and Life Sciences: Tumor growth and stem cells, University of Granada, Spain, 11-16 June 2007. See the Flyer or the WEB page of the Workshop

INdAM (National Institute of High Mathematics) - SIMAI (Italian Society of Industrial Mathematics) 2007 Award: "Best PhD dissertation issued in the period 2004-2006". See the Program of the award ceremony.

Thomson ESI Special Topics, December 2006 and January 2007, Hot Paper on Mathematics for the article: Mathematical Methods and Tools of Kinetic Theory towards Modelling Complex Biological Systems. Read the interview.

The top 3 Highly Cited Papers published in the last 2 years for Mathematics. ``in-cites'' for the Article: Mathematical Topics on the Modelling Complex Multicellular Systems and Tumor Immune Cells Competition. See the WEB page

Press release

"La Stampa - Tuttoscienze" (National newspaper), 16 October 2007. >> article




Conference Poster
of the Kepler workshop Managing complexity, reducing perplexity held in Heidelberg, May, 16-20, 2011.



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