TORINO, OCTOBER 1 - 5, 2001

First announcement


J. Migliore (Notre Dame University, USA)
U. Nagel (Paderborn Universität, De)

The School/Workshop is organized by G. Casnati, N. Chiarli, S. Greco. For contacting the organizers send a mail to

geometri [nospam]

General informations on the School.
The school will take place at

Dipartimento di Matematica
Politecnico di Torino Duca degli Abruzzi 24
10129 Torino - Italy

and it is supported by EAGER and MIUR. It is mainly aimed to Phd students and young researchers in Algebraic Geometry.

General informations on the Workshop.
Since we are planning to have a Workshop/Open problems session on thursday afternoon to discuss the state of art, experienced people are most welcome.

Aim and Prerequisites.
The aim of the School is to introduce the participants to research in this field, beginning from a basic level with a view towards the applications and to the most recent results. To this purpose the participants should know basic homological algebra, what a scheme is (to some extent), and basic sheaf cohomology.

The planned accommodation is

Residenza Universitaria
via Cavour 32
10123 Torino - Italy
ph. +39-011-6531800

Until the 15th of June we can reserve a small number of double rooms for 25000 ITL per night per person (some single rooms could also be available for 35000 ITL per night). After that date we are no more able to guarantee such an accommodation.

To register you must fill in the below form before the 15th of June and mail it to

geometri [nospam]

Arrival day is September 30th. The School will start on Monday the 1st at 9 and it will end on friday the 5th at 13. It is planned to have two lectures per day (9-10.30, 11-12.30) plus a Poster Session on monday afternoon and a Communication Session on tuesday. The Workshop will take place on thursday afternoon. Informal discussions are welcome.

Poster Session and Communications.
Interested people are kindly requested to submit the title and an abstract of their Poster and/or Communication within September 15th to

geometri [nospam]

Further announcements.
A second announcement will follow probably in June.



Registration Form


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Double room with (if interested in Residenza Universitaria):